Day: 10 August 2016

War on Trial

The mattock smote the side of the Tiger attack helicopter. Thud! After pedalling across the airport tarmac on a red tricycle, Bryan Law in his signature ten gallon hat and business suit had executed his mission. Seconds later, he was surrounded by military troops and security guards. This was not the action of a crazed […]

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The Crater

Brian Cleaver, a National Serviceman conscript whose number came out of the lottery barrel was sent to Vietnam to serve his country. His experiences there would change the course of his entire life. Through the vehicle of Brian’s continuing quest to lay the ghosts of his past – and atone for some of the horrors […]

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On Borrowed Time

On Borrowed Time – a documentary by filmmaker David Bradbury about veteran Australian filmmaker Paul Cox. In early 2009, Paul was diagnosed with liver cancer and given six months to live. Bradbury picked up his story in mid 2009. Paul had little chance to live given Australia’s poor track record for organ donation and Paul’s rare […]

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